Pollseeker for Politics

Create a connection with your voters

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Traditional political polling methods are behind the shifts in technology. Everyday we interact with your voters organically across their digital devices. Giving you access to self-declared data and insights on important election issues.

Whether you are involved in a local election or on the national stage, we have solutions for you.

Custom Ad Funnels

Multilevel funnels validate user intent allowing you to reach your targeted audience. 

Intelligent Tagging

Segment self-declared data to analyze your campaign objectives. There is no one size fits all strategy. Custom tailored specifically to fit your needs. 

Cross-Device Polling

Connect with voters wherever they consume digital media.

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Reach New Voters

Across our diverse Pollseeker network, reach new voters about the issues most important to your campaign.

Multilevel Insights

Our proprietary Intelligent Discovery Platform surfaces deep voter insights and overlapping audience segments.

Real Time Reporting Metrics

Data visualization and business intelligence tools allow you to optimize campaigns on the fly.